What makes this different from any other map site?

Searching for a location in other popular mapping applications puts you on the street, not in the skyway. Plus, the level of detail in the StPaul.SkywayMyWay.com map is awesome.

How did you get all of this data? You've got everything in here!

Our team of skyway gremlins have meticulously combed every nook and cranny to obtain all of the necessary information. But they are easily distracted and could easily miss something, so let us know if that's the case!

I do see quite a few missing bathrooms actually, what's up with that?

Finding bathrooms in the skyway is notoriously difficult. Plus, our office has one, so it's not usually our priority.

Can I use this on my phone?

Just visit StPaul.SkywayMyWay.com! A mobile version will appear. Choose the "Add to Home Screen" option on your phone for quick access to it.

How do I get directions from one place to the next?

Click the 'Skyway Directions' link in any info balloon that you want to get to, choose your starting point, and you're on your way! Just follow the list of buildings to your destination.

How come some places have just a phone number, but others have all kinds of info?

It's up to each business as to how much information they want to include. Next time you visit them, ask for more information in StPaul.SkywayMyWay.com!

I just eat my bagged lunch at the office. How is this useful to me?

It's so much more than just a way to find places to eat. Go shopping, find a new chiropractor, locate your bank's ATMs, or take your bagged lunch to a seating area for a change of pace! Get wild! And don't pretend like you don't ever get the urge for a mid-afternoon popcorn run.